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Mountainland 4x4 adventure

(Including Eureka City)


Enjoy a day out in the scenic Mountainland on a 4x4 adventure.
Travel through time on an old ox-wagon road, to as far back as 3.500 million BC.
The Mountainland Adventure highlights all of Barberton’s historical, natural, geological and scenic wonders.The visitor travels back in time from as little as 100 years ago to as much as 3.500 million years ago. It provides a window in time to relive and revisit the early Gold pioneer history as well as a unique encounter with the Earth as it was at the very beginning.
Lunch is usually enjoyed at the old Victoria Hotel before you discover Eureka City and learn more of it’s characters and events. 
The tour ends in a visit to the Golden Quarry, the richest goldmine in the world and a spectacular human achievement!
  The oldest beaches in the world, where the evidence of the existence and creation of the moon is located in, is just one of the points of interest. Evidence of the largest meteorite ever to hit the planet is contained in the rocks on this route, and your guide will tell you all about this pre-historical event. Some of the oldest rocks on planet earth are visited, while your guide will relate the story of the earth.
Spectacular mountain scnenery in the newly formed Mountainlands Game Reserve!
The tour culminates in a visit underground into the richest goldmine ever worked by man, the “Golden Quarry”. Nowhere are man’s endeavours to become rich quick as evident as in the “Golden Quarry”. This is an amazing feat of human achievement and defies description! The vast cavernous mine was entirely done by hand, more than a century ago. It has been described as a man made Cango Caves.
The ruined ghost town of Eureka City is situated in the scenic Barberton Mountainland. During the late 19th century, this was the site of the richest gold discovery in the earth’s history.
Nothing much remains today but old ruins and fading ox wagon tracks. It is however possible to get an idea what the early gold pioneering history of South Africa was really like. Few places in South Africa provide such an authentic representation of what man are prepared to go through to attain fame and fortune.


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