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Peddlar's Bush (Pegglar's Bush)

There seems to be confusion over the correct name of this area! Some say its called "Peddlars" because the peddlars peddled their wares at this place to people on their way to and from the Barberton gold mines from Swaziland. Others say it is "Pegglar's" named after one of the pioneer gold miners.

This place is a small spot of indigenous forest located in the Twelo Bosbou area above Barberton, being particularly good for forest species. To get there, from Barberton take the Bulembo road to Havelock and Swaziland travelling along the Saddleback Pass. Pause to admire the spectacular views from the view spots and watch for Gurney's Sugarbird, Cape Rockthrush and Jackal Buzzard. 
At the top of the pass, turn left onto a dirt road marked Shyalongubo Dam. Watch out for heavy logging trucks!

After about 10k along this dirt track one reaches the start of the indigenous forest, and for about two kilometres it is advisable to stop at frequent intervals and walk and listen for the various forest birds. One can usually pick up Knysna Lourie, Narina Trogon, Trumpeter Hornbill, Rameron Pigeon, various bush shrikes, robins and Olive Woodpecker. Bush Blackcap has been recorded as has the Emerald Cuckoo and Squaretailed Drongo.



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